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With a rich history spanning two decades, La'Met has successfully completed over 3000 projects, serving a diverse clientele including Corporations, SMEs, Education institutions, and Government departments. Our expertise lies in conducting dynamic workshops, coaching sessions, designing and implementing solutions, as well as coordinating extensive research and learning & development initiatives.

Our Services

Corporate Workshops: Immerse your team in our dynamic programs designed to inspire and empower. From bridging the generational gap in the workplace to unlocking the potential of a diverse workforce, our workshops are tailored to enhance your organizational dynamics.

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Education Solutions: As the parent organization, La'Met takes pride in presenting Another View Academic Resilience Coaching Approach (AV-ARCA™), a cutting-edge approach to academic resilience coaching. This transformative method empowers students and educators worldwide, fostering a resilient academic environment.

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EU Projects

Our commitment to excellence extends globally, as demonstrated through our participation in various EU projects:

  • La'Met L.I.F.E cycle: Connecting education and business nationally and internationally.

  • Grundtvig Programme: Inclusion of students with special needs and enhancing educators' skills.

  • Ministry of Education (Poland): Implementing practical Higher Education programs.

  • EU Parliament (Brussels): Advising and supporting the EU Erasmus educational program.

  • Lifelong Learning Programme (Poland): Focusing on knowledge commercialization, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

  • Foundation Ethiopia Millennium: Connecting business and education in Ethiopian villages.

  • Netherlands Enterprise Agency: Supporting over 2000 SMEs in international business development.

  • Ministry of National Resource (Hungary): Developing national partnerships between businesses and Higher Education Institutions.

  • Leonardo da Vinci programme: Implementing best practices in vocational needs analysis of SMEs.

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International Collaboration at the Core

La'Met places a strong emphasis on international collaboration, promoting information-sharing and open communication. We believe that the exchange of ideas on a global scale is essential for fostering innovation and driving success.

Choose La'Met as your Global Consultancy Partner and embark on a journey of excellence, innovation, and success. Elevate your corporate landscape with our unwavering commitment to your growth and prosperity.

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