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La'Met L.I.F.E cycle . . .


. . . connecting education & business on a national & international level
La'Met education L.I.F.E cycle has three modules:
L.I.F.E line - L.I.F.E programme -  L.I.F.E executives
These segments are designed to be used individually or together to create a progressive sustainable structure.
Having worked with universities from several countries within Europe, La’Met education has a good insight on the practices and standards of higher education within Europe.
This insight, together with the expertise La’Met has acquired from working with the business sector, merges to a clear vision of the expectations of business and employers as well as the future challenges awaiting today’s students.
It is also important to take account of students’ opinions. La’Met education has been working with several student organisations in different countries to gather views and feedback to better understand the needs, difficulties and wishes of students across Europe.
Please contact us for further information.
Other service
In addition to the La’Met education L.I.F.E cycle we also support schools and universities with EHEA adaptation, vocational training, knowledge & innovation transfer and a variety of workshops & seminars.
Please download the La'Met education guide for further information or contact us directly through our contact page
Happy Inglés Theatre School Franchise
A unique concept where children learn English as a second language in the same way as they learnt their mother tongue, through fun !
HAPPY INGLÉS prepares children to become bilingual adults.
Student Discounted Services

Editing, formatting and proofreading services for students. Why not have an expert proofread your Curriculum Vitae, essay, cover letter, article, report or any other English language document where you need to make a good impression.




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