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Are you an international student?
Are you writing in English as a second language?
Do you want an equal opportunity with native speakers to achieve a strong grade?
You need La'Met to proofread your English language document...
KeepitReal EU native English academics are here to help create outstanding academic documents and achieve your best possible grade.
Don’t miss out on important grades because your academic document contains spelling or grammar mistakes.
Our native English copy-editors and proofreaders have been writing and improving academic documents for students, universities, education foundations and education ministries for over 10 years.
How we can we help you?
Specialists in copy editing and proofreading dissertations, essays, theses or any academic documents
Higher grades for all your academic documents
Native English professional copy editors and proofreaders
Over 10 years experience working with academic papers
10 years experience writing copy for websites & promotional documents
Native English copy editing & proofreading Student Services
Benefit from professional native UK English copy editing of all your academic documents.
Employ a professional copy editing and proofreading expert to achieve higher grades for your academic papers.
Benefits to students:
Learn from your English mistakes
Develop more confidence in your written English
Deliver better academic documents to achieve better grades
KeepitReal EU will improve your work by:
correcting errors in your spelling, grammar and punctuation
recommending improvements to your vocabulary
making sure the meaning of your text is clear
resolving any queries with you, the author
consulting you, the author, if extensive revision is required
Formatting Services services
Formatting academic documents, particularly dissertations, essays and theses is just as important as the content.
Up to 10% of your final mark may be lost through poor presentation.
Our service covers formatting of -
contents page or index
charts, tables & captions
chapter & page breaks
page numbering
headers and footers
KeepitReal EU expertise will help you to present your work successfully to achieve the grades you deserve.
Other Services
Keepitreal EU provide proofreading and correction services for all your English language documents.
Why not have an expert proofread your Curriculum Vitae, essay, cover letter, article, report or any other English language document where you need to make a good impression.
KeepitReal EU competitive STUDENT pricing guide:
per 1,000 words, based on total document word count
copy-editing & proofreading €10 EURO 
formatting : €5 EURO 
Standard turnaround time is 7 working days *
If you require your document to be returned sooner, additional charges will apply as below.
Up to 5,000 words returned within 24 hours
€100 EURO 
Up to 10,000 words returned within 48 hours
€160 EURO 
Up to 20,000 words returned within 72 hours
€260 EURO 
Over 20,000 words – Please contact us for an estimate of delivery times & pricing.
When calculating your quote, the number of words in your document will be rounded up to the nearest 1,000 words.
* Please note that during exceptionally busy periods it may be not possible to meet our 7 day deadline.
We are committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction & will advise in our quote if your order will be affected by any delay.
Send your documents early to avoid disappointment.
Will this get me in trouble with my university?
Absolutely NOT !
KeepitReal EU assure you that your university allows and encourages third parties to check student's document.
All our services comply with university regulations.
If you are in doubt, please check with your college or university.
Will you write my document for me?
Absolutely NOT !
KeepitReal EU will not write your document for you.
KeepitReal EU only provide copy-editing, proofreading and formatting services.
How do I pay?
All payments must be made via bank transfer or PayPal. Details will be included in your quote.
Please contact us for further information


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