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EUROPEAN L.I.F.E projects

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La'Met L.I.F.E cycle . . .


. . . connecting education & business on a national & international level
Grundtvig Programme
2011-1-TR1-GRU06-24206 6 link opens in new window
Turkey, Poland & The Netherlands
Equipping parents and educators involved with helping students with special needs to be included within society and also to overcome any deficiencies of educators involved in mainstreaming/inclusion education by comparison to other systems operating in Europe.
See programme pictures here
Visit the Learning for All website for more project details.


Ministry of Education
Implemented a practical Higher Education program to offer students practical knowledge within their degree.
EU Parliament
Advice and support in developing and promoting the EU Erasmus educational program.
Lifelong Learning Programme 
Educational activities concerning the commercialisation of knowledge, technology transfer and entrepreneurship among students and academics within Poland. 
See programme pictures here
Foundation Ethiopia Millennium 
The Netherlands & Ethiopia
Developed and implemented African L.I.F.E connecting business and education in local Ethiopian villages to develop employment and knowledge transfer.
Netherlands Enterprise Agency formerly EVD 
The Netherlands
Matchmaking facility, MMF, supporting over 2000 small medium enterprises with their international business development.
Ministry of National Resource - Education & Culture 
Developing a national partnership between businesses and Higher Education Institutions.
Leonardo da Vinci programme
2008-1-PL1-LEO04-0077 8 link opens in new window 
Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal & The Netherlands
“Best practices in vocational needs analysis of SMEs”. Transfer, improvement, updating of competences, methods and practices within the scope of the analysis of employees’ vocational needs.
See programme pictures here
View the programme publication
Best Practices in Vocational Needs Analysis in SMEs
View 'We Blijven Leren' here (in Dutch)
(search "PS - Kleinschalige Europese samenwerkingsprojecten")
Nationaal Agentschap LLP Leonardo da Vinci
Please contact us for more information
Grundtvig Programme
Learning for All - Parents Handbook
Learning for All - Teachers Handbook
Leonardo da Vinci programme
Vocational Needs Analysis Booklet
La'Met place great importance and value on their involvement with European projects whether as part of a project team or acting with a single partner.
At La'Met, information-sharing and open communication on an international level are key to achieving your goals.
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