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La'Met L.I.F.E cycle . . .


. . . connecting education & business on a national & international level
L.I.F.E cycle grew from the La'Met education L.I.F.E programme into a full cycle of training courses and support for adult learners of all ages.
L.I.F.E line helps students in Europe to become aware of how their behaviour influences other people’s perceptions of them.
This is equally true in business and social environments
If people like you, they will approach you.
If not, they will not.
End of story.
Supported by the L.I.F.E line book, L.I.F.E line helps to improve social, business and intercultural communication skills.
The L.I.F.E line book is not a book to read and put on a shelf and forget about. It is a book you can use for the rest of your business life. It deals with issues that you need to become aware of, internalize and put into practice every day. It is meant not just for the beginning professional but also to support the experienced manager as a personal resource as well as a training course.
Course leaders are trained to present this course internally within their University.
La'Met also offer workshops and lectures to expand on the course material and the audience has an opportunity to meet the authors.
L.I.F.E line can be integrated as part of a minor or as an additional course for all students from all educational studies, not just business studies.
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L.I.F.E programme provides an alternative to traditional student minors, courses, ‘in-company’ internships and theses within all academic titles, attracting ECTS credits as part of a Bachelor, Master or Thesis study.
It provides an established framework which links educational and commercial communities to work together on real business cases and diverse commercial projects including market entry strategies, business planning and commercial research.
As evidenced by post course questionnaires, graduates who successfully completed the La'Met  L.I.F.E programme have a much higher percentage chance of being called for a second interview when applying for their first job.
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L.I.F.E executives enables highly talented students to gain experience and expertise in particular professions through a time-limited traineeship within a selected host organisation.
Lasting three to six months, students acquire skills and experience in their chosen profession through direct exposure to organisational structures, policies, and environments and learn the value of positive interaction and public relations.
Through their participation in L.I.F.E executives, students obtain a realistic view of the commercial world and learn to identify and develop the personal characteristics essential to professional success through recognizing the importance of taking initiatives and seeking challenges beyond the workplace and their academic setting to make their experience worthwhile and meaningful.
At completion of the L.I.F.E executives traineeship, the goal is for each student is to be invited to enter into a full-time employment contract with their host company.
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