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Supported by an international network of legal & tax professionals, one7eleven supports your business in European law, banking and finance legislation, employment law & disputes, intellectual property agreements, international tax policies & agreements and copyright & corporate law.
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Knowing Numbers
Everyone responsible for making business decisions should have an understanding of their impact on the financial performance of their enterprise.
Understanding a business’ financial processes and results are essential skills for any successful enterprise.
Too often, people are confused by financial concepts and expressions. Let La'Met One7Eleven help to promote your understanding.
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Operational Finance
La'Met One7Eleven analyse and improve the financial picture of your business in plain-speaking, straightforward language, analysis and reporting.
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procure to pay (P2P) analysis
process mapping
process optimisation & re-alignment
master data cleansing
cash flow analysis
revenue recognition & gross margin analysis
employee expenses analysis & optimisation
SME international support
financial analysis & reporting
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